Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies appear on your screen when you load files from the browser. They are small data pieces that are stored in the text files and gets stored on our system whenever we open a website in the browser. They keep reminding you about your choices and preferences for both single multiple visits. Also, they help users like us to stay logged in on the site. Cookies are set by the third parties i.e. those parties which are providing you with their content.

How to use these cookies?

Cookies are used for different reasons that are mentioned below-

  • For technical reasons.
  • To give a personalized experience to visitors and registered users.
  • To access the display of advertising with help of third-party networks.

Mainly, these cookies are set for only registered users but they also appear on your browser even if you do not have an account.

Different types of cookies

  1. Strictly necessary- These cookies mainly allow registered users to authenticate and perform account related functions to save the contents of virtual carts.
  2. Functionality- These cookies help in saving the preferences of users like account name, language, and location.
  3. Security- These cookies help identify and prevent potential security risks.
  4. Analytics and Performance- These cookies are used to collect detailed information about interaction with websites.
  5. Advertising- These cookies show their visitor’s advertisement which helps in tracking details like the number of times particular has been shown and several clicks received on the ad. These are persistent which is set by third parties.
  6. Embedded Content- There is no direct control over these cookies because these cookies are set by third parties. In this, social media platforms are included such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo et cetera.

These cookies can be very helpful in knowing the visitors so that tracking can be done easily through security measures should be taken whenever they appear but still, they can be very helpful in knowing the preferences of the visitors.